IFS Unleashed

Experience IFS.ai.

Watch and take part in the biggest ever IFS live demo as we put IFS.ai in action. Watch as we orchestrate multiple data sources and capabilities to see IFS.ai write new processes that deliver efficiencies, productivity, and higher quality outcome across an entire business.

See how AI will fuel productivity in your business

IFS.ai is not only transforming the way your teams interact with technology but also builds effectiveness and productivity over time. Learn how IFS.ai’s Advisor will guide process improvements and automation and help you increase user satisfaction and the business impact.

Bringing AI into the SMART factory

Hear customers share how adopting digital technology has driven positive impacts across employee and asset productivity. See how automation is impacting their business and how AI is helping talent retention through enablement and by providing meaningful insights faster creating time for value-add work.

Key Event timings

Monday is dedicated to the IFS Unleashed sponsors, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday-morning providing inspirations and informative sessions for all attendees. Training courses will take place on Thursday afternoon and Friday.

Autonomous Enterprise with AI.

From enterprise simulation to continuous business optimization; from self-learning anomaly detection to an interactive user experience: IFS.ai is leading to enable the autonomous enterprise. Hear from IFS’s pioneer customers, IFS executives and experts, on the value AI can deliver in your industry.

Ignite your learning in our breakouts

Our breakout sessions offer you a deeper dive into topics such as roadmap updates, AI-driven optimization, and analytics. Choose from a variety of presentations, demonstrations, panels, and customer stories. Be inspired by trends, tech, and best practices.

Immerse yourself in transformative demonstrations

Get ready for captivating demonstrations that offer solutions to tackle your complex challenges. See how IFS technology and innovations can improve and accelerate productivity, streamline business operations, and optimize your assets and people.

Choose sessions that are right for you

We understand that your interests may vary. That's why we offer multiple breakout sessions running concurrently, so you can select the tracks that align with your goals and spark ideas. Customize your conference experience for maximum relevance.

Unleash your expertise with an Unleashed Training course.

Your success story begins here! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to level up your skills and transform your organization (and your career). Our expert trainers are ready to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Register your interest in Training when you book your Unleashed tickets and you’ll be the first to hear when the Training courses are launched.